At OpenTable, I design software that helps restaurants optimize their business and develop deeper relationships with their customers. Our GuestCenter iPad app helps restaurant hosts manage diners reservations and preferences, while our iPhone app helps restaurant owners understand the health of their business on a day-to-day basis. These features are just some of what I've designed while working at OpenTable.

Reservation Timeline View
Restauranteurs, general managers, and hosts at busy restaurants need to plan where guests will be seated ahead of time so that they can provide quick, prompt service while maximizing the number of guests that they can serve. Staff at these restaurants asked for features that could help them in this planning process. In response, our team designed a simple, yet information rich view that shows reservations along a timeline.

In-App Notifications
Restaurant hosts wanted some way to be quickly alerted when diners made last-minute reservations, changes, or cancellations. From shadowing employees at small and medium-sized restaurants, we saw how these last-minute changes throw off a staff's ability to provide service and hospitality over a shift. We designed and tested several prototypes with restaurant staff to come up with an elegant solution for showing changes with popup notifications and a simple notification drawer.

Companion iPhone App
The life of a restaurant owner is hectic. They deal with vendors, staff, and external press, so they're not always next to a computer. But they don't just make the restaurant run smoothly — they also need data to understand and guide the health of their business. We developed a companion iPhone app to help them out. Throughout the development process, we brought prototypes to restaurant owners and general managers to guide and refine the app. Since our launch six months ago, we've released three updates and daily usage has grown to over 30% of our userbase. On average, an owner will open it over 8 times a day. We're continuing to refine the app to help restaurant owners understand more parts of their business.